Poster prize for Pawel Mitkowski

Pawel Mitkowski from the Laboratory of Protein Engineering at the Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, is the winner of the poster competition in session no 9 – “Bacteriophages and peptides – new alternative therapies” at the XXIX National Congress of the Polish Society of Microbiologists. The event took place on 14-17 September in Warsaw, Poland. In the awarded work entitled “Engineering of broad specificity enzyme based on metallopeptidase M23 from Enterococcus faecalis“, the authors – Pawel Mitkowski and Izabela Sabala – presented a method of preparin three new bacteriolytic enzymes by joining to the EnpA catalytic domain one of the three SH3b cell wall binding domain from different proteins. As a result, the authors obtained enzymes with a wider tolerance to environmental conditions, which can find a wide range of applications as non-antibiotic antibacterial agents. .