The aim of the PrevEco project is to develop a new strategy for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections using natural, safe and effective substances with antimicrobial properties. They will be sought after among microorganisms that produce a whole range of substances for the elimination of bacteria living in the same environment. These substances, unlike antibiotics, usually act only on selected groups (genera, species) of bacteria, so they do not harm the natural microflora and the environment. In the PrevEco project, we plan to use this natural weapon, namely bacteriolytic enzymes and bacteriocins, to develop new non-antibiotic methods of fighting pathogenic bacteria.

The aim of the project is to use these substances to develop a new method of preventing and treating mastitis, i.e. inflammation of the mammary glands in cows as well as other bacterial skin infections in animals. Mastitis is a global veterinary problem causing substantial economic losses in agriculture all over the world, and its prevention and treatment is currently based mainly on the use of large amounts of antibiotics. It is estimated that up to 80% of the world’s production of antibiotics is used in agriculture. The proposed non-antibiotic protection of livestock against bacterial infections will not only improve animal welfare and minimize production losses, but will also lead to a reduction in the use of antibiotics and thus the development of resistance among pathogenic bacteria.

We want to achieve the goals of the project by:

• isolation and characterization of new bacteriocins and bacteriolytic enzymes against the most common bacteria causing mastitis
• testing them in vitro, in animal models and in field trials
• preparation of appropriate formulations
• increasing the scale of production
• developing a strategy for their commercialization.